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Grading Kent State’s Coaching Move

Date: Jan 19, 2011 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

Darrell Hazell seems like a good person to ask for a good restaurant recommendation in Ohio. Not because he looks like someone who necessarily enjoys a good meal: despite being roughly a quarter-century removed from his college days, Hazell still looks like he could go out and get open deep. It’s because of the time he’s spent in the state, bookending a career in the Buckeye State with teeth-cutting days spent at Oberlin, name-making years at Ohio State and now, at Kent State, a chance to run his own show for the first time. It’s fitting that this opportunity comes in Ohio, that’s all.

Positives As noted above: Hazell knows Ohio. Perhaps more importantly, Ohio knows Hazell. He’s be

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Turnover Runs at a High Clip

Date: Jan 14, 2011 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

Let’s do the math: 120 teams in the F.B.S.; 21 coaching changes heading into the 2011 season; that’s roughly a new coach at one of every six programs in the country, an astonishing level of turnover — one that highlights the win-first, win-now mentality that leaves even the lowliest program begging for immediate results. To be fair, a handful of coaching moves have come about due to an incumbent’s promotion elsewhere, such as was the case at Miami (Ohio), Northern Illinois and San Diego State. That wasn’t the case along the B.C.S. conferenc

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Michigan Dismisses Two Players

Date: Jan 14, 2011 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

It has been a tough couple of weeks in college hockey for completely-without-discipline senior defensemen and the troubled, underachieving forwards that love them. First it was Chris Hepp and Tony Mosey at St. Cloud, and now, Michigan has kicked senior defenseman Tristin Llewellyn and freshman forward Jacob Fallon off their team for “violating team expectations”.

Llewellyn is a senior, which means this ends his career at Michigan. It’s a sad final chapter in what has to be considered a pretty disappointing collegiate career for one of the first players to commit to a college at the age of 15.

Fallon has the opportunity to rejoin Michigan’s team next season, according to the article, provided he stays in school at Michigan. This isn’t his run-in with team rules, however.

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Revisiting the Keys to Auburn-Oregon

Date: Jan 09, 2011 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

The final was Auburn 22, Oregon 19, though Auburn seemed to dominate more than that three-point margin would suggest. So much for a 41-31 Oregon win, as I predicted prior to kickoff. What about the handful of factors I believed to be key to the final outcome? Was Oregon really able to slow down Cam Newton, or prevent the deep pass? Was Auburn able to negate Oregon’s advantage on special teams? Let’s take a look.

Can Oregon slow down Cam Newton? To a degree, though a painful back injury — I believe one that occurred in the first half — limited Newton’s success on the ground. The Heisman winner rushed for 64 yards on 22 carries, with that yardage total standing as his third-lowest of the season against F.B.S. competition. Newton di

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Wrenn Leaves Denver for WHL

Date: Jan 02, 2011 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

Denver sophomore defenseman William Wrenn has left the University of Denver and is expected to sign with Portland of the WHL tonight.

The quotes from Denver head coach George Gwozdecky make it sound like Wrenn was looking for a fresh start. He was a pretty regular fixture on DU’s third defensive pairing this season, but had a team-worst -8 +/- to go along with only one assist.

Wrenn made a huge jump up draft boards two years ago with an impressive performance at the World U18 championships and ended up being selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 NHL Draft by San Jose, but never really continued the offensive success he showed in that tournament.

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High-Flying Meets High-Octane

Date: Dec 22, 2010 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

This teams are not entirely irresistible, nor entirely immovable: Hawaii’s defense is pretty good, however, particularly considering the speed with which the U.H. offense matriculates the ball down the field. So let’s change that old, familiar phrase — “What happens when irresistible Oklahoma meets immovable Nebraska?” — for something a bit different, a bit more fitting for tonight’s Hawaii Bowl — What happens when the scoreboard operator at Honolulu’s Aloha Stadium collapses from exhaustion?

This is always a fun, entertaining, high-scoring affair; in one instance, the Hawaii Bowl combined points with a rather raucous brawl: the 2003 version, pitting the Warriors against Houston, ended with the two teams exchanging punches, kicks and helmets along the 50-yard line.

I doubt we’ll see a “Roadhouse”-style atmosphere at the end of tonight’s game, though we shouldn’t lack for fireworks. These are two enormously tal

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The 2010 Will Goggans Award Winner

Date: Dec 17, 2010 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

There are beards, then there’s the beard worn by Troy punter Will Goggans, unveiled on national television last night in his team’s New Orleans Bowl win over Ohio. In an afternoon and evening lacking in suspense, one could say that Goggans provided the moment of the day. But what is it? Could it really be a beard? A stunt gone wrong? A bet turned sour? One thing is certain: I’ve never seen a beard quite like that. To honor Goggans and his facial growth, I am proud to announce a new, Pre-Snap Read-exclusive award: The Will Goggans Award for best facial hair. This year’s winner, of course, is Goggans.

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FCA SENIOR BOWL: Local NET all-stars looking to end on a high note

Date: Dec 13, 2010 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

The final high school football seasons for the seniors of Tennessee High and Sullivan Central didn’t exactly go as planned.

After a 4-0 start, the Vikings won only two of their final seven games and ended the year on a three-game losing skid, including a lackluster 31-7 loss to Knox West in the first round of the 5A playoffs. Central, meanwhile, was unable to build on a dramatic midseason win over Sullivan East and suffered through a winless Big Eight Conference campaign.

But for five Viking and Cougar seniors, high school football isn’t over just yet.

Tennessee High standouts Cody Carter, Bobby Quinn and Brandon Rutherford along with Central stalwarts Taylor Winchell and Colt Cloninger will be on the Northeast Tennessee all-star squad when it takes on the top studs of Southwest Virginia in the inaugural Fellowship of Christian Athletes Senior Bowl at 1 p.m. Sat

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