Penn State Announcement Imminent

Date: Sep 12, 2010 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

Inside College Hockey was the first to report yesterday that Penn State will formally announce their intention to start a hockey program, possibly as early as this Friday.

I already covered this issue over the summer, so it’s probably not worth rehashing until we get some new information of what the future holds.

Other people are writing about it though. USCHO columnist Dave Starman thinks Penn State would be good, if they wanted to join the CCHA, but bad if it meant the creation of a Big Ten conference. Also, his proposed WCHA-CCHA alliance seems pretty wacky. The solution to whatever financial troubles those smaller schools will face won’t be solved by increasing travel expenses exponentially.

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Alabama news links: Navistar LPGA Classic to stay in Prattville; Taser use trial begins in Dothan

Date: Sep 12, 2010 - Author: Bella Burnell - Comment(s): 0

In other news across Alabama:

Dothan trial begins for woman who claims Taser abuse: A federal court trial has begun in the civil case brought by Pamela Borton, who contends that a Dothan police officer used an electric stun device on her to punish her for being belligerent during a 2006 incident, even though she says she was suffering from bipolar disorder and was restrained face down on a hospital gurney. The officer claims he used the device, known as a Taser, because she posed a threat to herself and others.

Dothan school board passes budget: The Dothan City School Board on Monday passed a $56 million budget, or about $8.5 million less spending than the previous year. Most of the cuts reflected in the new budget were made earlier this year when the school system eliminated 108 positions, the Dothan Eagle reports.

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eFlyers: Take a look! Check it out! Don’t miss out! E-flyers

Date: Sep 09, 2010 - Author: Claire Northcote - Comment(s): 0

Don’t miss out on important school organization information posted on the new eFlyer web page. Don’t forget to toggle the Community Flyer Bulletin Board on the HCER page, too!

Take a look! Check it out!

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Federal Government Provides $330 Million For College Ready Tests

Date: Sep 08, 2010 - Author: Mitchell Steiner - Comment(s): 0

  The  Obama administration has made huge grants to create new testing formats and designs that  will link k-12 statewide tests to college standards. This is the second phase of the common core standards movement that will spread to 44 states. These assessments will start from college readiness and work back to the elementary grades.

The Department of Education announced awards of some $330 million to two state coalitions – representing 44 states and the District of Columbia – for the design of new assessment systems aligned to the common-core standards. The grant money will be divided almost equally between the two applicants in the competition, which is part of Race to the Top. A thir

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PACT Board members criticize Ivey over failure to communicate with PACT parents

Date: Sep 08, 2010 - Author: Bella Burnell - Comment(s): 0

   Folsom, also a PACT Board member, got an opinion from the attorney general’s office that said any mail-outs from PACT, which is overseen by Ivey’s office, could include the website address for Save Alabama Pact.

   The statewide grassroots group was credited convincing the Legislature to appropriate nearly $548 million over the next 17 years go to keep the state’s promise to pay tuition for 44,000 students.

   Huckaby and Lambert were both leaders in the Save Alabama Pact movement before they were appointed to the PACT Board.

   Huckaby said today that Ivey had fought the group at every step in gaining access to communicate with PACT contract holders through the treasurer’s office.

   “We asked her many many many times,” he said. “She had

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PREP FOOTBALL Carroll County carried ball to record-setting night

Date: Sep 07, 2010 - Author: Hamish Costello - Comment(s): 0

It was originally calculated as between 560-570 yards. Upon further review, the tally was believed to be 520 total yards.

Whatever the official number, what Carroll County High School did last week in a 47-19 non-district football win over Patrick County was record-breaking.

The Cavaliers established a school record for rushing yards and racked up 25 first downs. Three guys gained 100 or more yards, while six different Cavs reached the end zone via the rush.

“In my time coaching, I’ve never been involved with a team that has rushed for that many yards,” said Carroll County coach Tom Hale. “I’ve been involved with teams that have had that much total offense, but it was just a great night.

“Our backs were just running and getting extra yards after the first hit. Our

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Interesting Links 6 September 2010

Date: Sep 05, 2010 - Author: Claire Northcote - Comment(s): 0

Happy Labor Day! Well here in the US anyway. Technically a public/work holiday and I do plan to spend most of it relaxing. Unless my wife has other plans that is. I spent yesterday doing some early fall yard work for example. But it looks good so it was worth it. I have spent some time collecting some of the more interesting links and bits of information I saw over the last week though. You can follow me on Twitter (@AlfredTwo) and see a lot of this sort of  thing as I find it during the week. Also some conversation/chat with other interesting people about educational technology and other topics. Hope to see you on Twitter sometime.

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Linking Secondary School Curriculum To College General Education

Date: Sep 04, 2010 - Author: Mitchell Steiner - Comment(s): 0

A new report alleges that most colleges lack a clear conception of general education-literature, composition, advanced foreign languages, math, science etc. Instead colleges offer a smorgasbord of disconnected and incoherent course requirements- see

I am concerned that there is no general education program in college for secondary schools to align their curriculum with. AP helps with curriculum alignment for the top students, but there is nothing for the rest of the students.

With the exception of the common core curriculum program, there are no major efforts to provide curricular coherence and sequencing between the senior year and postsecondary education, and the role of the senior year in high school as a forum for general education is rarely discussed.

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